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The history of the Cretan diet and Cretan cooking is a continuous tradition that dates from the Minoan times and reaches as far as our days. Finds of archaeological excavations show that the Minoans, the ancient Cretans, consumed almost the same products 4,000 years ago as the Cretans do today. In the palaces of the Minoan period large jars for the storage of olive oil, groins, legumes, fruit and honey were found.

Nowadays, olive oil is highly valued for its beneficial properties and apart from the main ingredient of the Mediterranean diet, it is also considered worldwide the provider of a unique ‘secret’ for longevity.

These timeless values of the Cretan cuisine served as principles for Lambros and Sophia Tsagaraki when they first opened their tavern Drossia back in 1974. We, in our turn, continue their tradition by combining these values with fresh herbs and vegetables from our own garden and turn them into traditional Cretan, Greek and Mediterranean dishes. We try to offer you only the best quality and our products are made almost exclusively with Cretan raw materials.